Christian McBride Trio - Out Here

Christian McBride Trio - Out Here - Cover Image

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Producer: Christian McBride
Executive Producer: Gretchen C. Valade

Associate Producer: André Kimo Stone Guess
Executive VP, A&R: Al Pryor
Production Manager: Will Wakefield

Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York, NY
Engineer: Joe Ferla
Assistant Engineer: Bob Mallory
Mixed at MSR Studios, New York, NY
Engineer: Joe Ferla
Assistant Engineers: Brett Mayer and Fred Sladkey
Mastered at Battery Studios/Sony Music, New York, NY
Mastering Engineer: Mark Wilder

Photography: Chi Modu
Assistant: Fabio Enes Oliveira
Makeup/Groomer: Anthony G. Palmer/FaceFundamental

Art Direction + Design: Raj Naik
Creative Direction: Randall Kennedy
Creative Services + Production: Maria Ehrenreich

Released 2013

With Out Here, premier bassist Christian McBride’s fifth recording on Mack Avenue Records, McBride introduces his latest working group: a trio, fully embracing at age 41 his role as standard-bearer and mentor. Pianist Christian Sands and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr.—both younger, emerging artists—have been performing with McBride’s smallest group for about three years, honing their trio conception to a fine point of expressive depth and nuance with select performances around the world.